Unicorn Quality


Here are most important tips how to use Unicorn Flask:

  • At first, check all parts of the filter to be properly connected together

  • Before each use, tilt the mouthpiece outside on the other side of the cover

  • For first time it might be difficult to suck water through the filter - active carbon and hollow fiber inside need to get wet first. Suck water inside and then outside the straw. Water will flow fluently then. Repeat this procedure each time after not using the filter for longer period of time. Try also to put filter under water for a short time.

  • After each use, empty out water from the filter and keep the filter clean and dry

  • Always make sure that filter is properly cleaned and washed by clean water after every use. In exchange you will get great quality of filtered drinkable water.

  • Make sure that Unicorn Flask, especially filter part is not exposed to freezing temperatures, water inside can freeze and crack filter. Cracks may not be visible.

  • Unicorn Flask's filter cannot remove salt and cannot be used on sea water or ocean water

  • Do not use soap, detergent and other corrosive materials to clean bottle or filter, in order to ensure the long life of the filter

  • Do not filter liquids containing carbonic acid, flavors, sugars and others. This filter is designed specifically for filtering water.